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What we offer

Learn how to cook with Chef Revi and discover the rewarding, fascinating, and delicious process of preparing your own food. Seasoned by decades of teaching adults and children, Revi will guide you, step-by-step, from breaking down ingredients to plating the finished dish. What you’ll taste all depends on what you’d like to learn: Revi will create a curriculum suited to your learning style, dietary preferences, and cooking environment.


There's much to learn about the health benefits of each ingredient, too. Chef Revi's background in nutrition adds yet another educational element to cooking programs. 


Scroll down to explore Chef Revi’s unique programming, now available virtually

How to book

​To inquire about scheduling, include the date, number of attendees, dietary needs, location, and venue details in 

this contact form. Chef Revi will be in touch to provide a quote and help you create a menu. 




With all the confusing, unhealthy food options facing kids today, forming healthy eating habits early on is more important than ever. Chef Revi’s youth culinary program introduces new techniques, tools, and flavors to put kids at ease in the kitchen. 


Let kids explore new cultures right at the countertop: Chef Revi’s expertise in blending spices and cooking with international ingredients will help them discover the excitement of cooking by traveling with their taste buds.


Chef Revi offers family cooking classes at home, group cooking classes at schools, and virtual cooking classes for anywhere in the world. She specializes in all types of cuisine, including vegan, gluten-free, and plant based.

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Culture, history and spice collide in a vivid presentation that reveals the true heart and soul of Mizrachim (Israeli Jews of Middle Eastern or North African descent).


Revi connects her own traditions and customs to the greater impact Mizrachim had on Israeli and Middle Eastern pop culture and cuisine. Sample audiences: Hadassah gatherings, JCCs, Jewish youth groups, summer camps

Optional: Serve Revi’s signature Middle Eastern and Mediterranean salads as appetizers before the program, or supplement any program with a cooking demo. Read the article on Yemenite Heritage here.

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Want to sharpen your skills in the kitchen? Is there a cuisine you’ve wanted to explore, but need a culinary guide? Maybe you just want to eat healthier, or more sustainably?  


Whether you seek private or group instruction, you’ll impress yourself with the amazing food you’ll create, and leave with skills that will help you prep a lifetime’s-worth of amazing meals. Chef Revi’s love of good food, combined with 30+ years of teaching experience will guarantee a delicious, memorable learning experience, brought to you at your convenience.


Chef Revi offers private lessons home, group cooking classes, and virtual cooking classes for anywhere in the world. She specializes in all types of cuisine, including vegan, gluten-free, and plant based.

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Thank you Revi for an amazing presentation and food on Monday night at our Sisterhood dinner. The salads are delicious and it was really great to learn about all of the different spices! Everyone really enjoyed it!

- Robin

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