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Both Israel and America are melting pots. And so it’s natural that as a Yemenite-Israeli immigrant Revi wanted to use her rich background as a touchpoint to inspire all types of audiences.

As one of six children in her family, Revi’s childhood home provided a vibrant backdrop for her to explore her family roots. There was always something colorful cooking in the kitchen or playing on the radio, and holidays were steeped in ancient rituals.

But a new generation of  Israelis was also coming of age in the 70s and 80s, and Revi was immersed in the pop culture phenomena sweeping the nation. It eventually swept her to the US, where Revi raised two children and began her career as a mother and educator.

After a struggle with her health, Revi took nutrition into her own hands. She began cooking only fresh, vegan, gluten free ingredients with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flair. This experience changed how Revi related to food and the flavors of her heritage. She now shares her story and cooking skills with communities near her home in Woodbridge, CT.

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