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Wellness Coach

Health and Nutrition Consulting

Hungry for a healthier relationship with your food? Chef Revi now offers health and nutrition coaching. She will work with you or a group to create a customized meal plan to fit your lifestyle using your favorite prepared foods, or fresh produce cooked to your taste. 


As a Nutrition Coach, Chef Revi’s approach does not involve dieting, rather, she incorporates the foods you love into a conscious eating practice that focuses on correct portioning, balanced nutrition, and listening to the needs of your body. Revi’s professional certification and personal health struggles allow her to help clients with all dietary needs: vegan, plant based, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and more. First consultation is free, virtually or in person.


Healthy and Happy Lifestyle


What is a health and nutrition coach?

The role of the Nutrition Coach is to provide general advice on what constitutes a healthy diet according to current and scientific evidence. Together, the client and the Nutrition Coach can develop a plan that will meet the goals of the client while allowing for individual preferences. It is the responsibility of the Nutrition Coach to educate the client on acceptable nutrition practices and behaviors. Research also demonstrates that adults will learn better if the coach follows principles of adult learning.

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